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The Toy Man News & Reviews - Product Submission Policy


It is our policy to provide the highest quality of unbiased evaluation and testing of products / services submitted to us for review under the following conditions:

  • As safety standards change in the industry, so must our product submission policy as well. As we make any changes to our guidelines, we will make that noted here. Latest evaluation guidelines update: 01/14/2013.

  • PLEASE NOTE: If your product is one which is soon to be released and you need evaluation completed before a specific deadline date, please make a note of that in the note space onthe product and service submission form. You can also contact us directly via telephone at 646.875.4541.

  • Both professional and non-lab testing procedures will be implemented, adopting use of ASTM F963, CPSC, EN71, European Council Directive, UL, European ISO 14000 series, and JPMA evaluation/certification standards for reference in all product evaluation.  This will be combined with use of the most current evaluation guidelines used and monitored by the The Toy Man® News & Reviews.


Just Say YES to NO Fee Product Evaluation

  • To ensure we uphold a credible and objective method of product evaluation, we publish lengthy and in-depth evaluation report summaries.  These evaluation report summaries are provided at no charge for inducted products and online services which hold an active license for unlimited use of our Seal and awards. The license is on an annual renewal cycle.

  • The licensing is purely optional and the annual renewal fee is only $25 USD.

  • We use malls, schools, libraries, airports, and other public locations for spontaneous unbiased hands-on consumer evaluation of products. Participants sign up to participate in the product evaluation and fill out a consumer evaluation form which is submitted upon completion.
  • Participants are notified that their participation provides no reward for their effort outside of knowing they contributed in our providing a fair and accurate review of each product /online service. By signing the Consumer Evaluation Feedback Form, they agree to allow us to use quotations from any hands-on evaluation participant in our reviews with a condition of no full name or private information used without consent.

  • We do NOT publish / release any information provided from independent lab testing results outside of the name of the copmpany which did the testing. The independent lab testing results are used to validate the independent testing laboratory and corresponding reference designation as confirmed, not just designated on the form.

  • We DO evaluate prototype products. (Special mandatory guidelines are enforced to remain consistent with Federal and State regulations to ensure no risk of injury to a child or liability issues.)

  • We do NOT return products which are submitted, (unless arrangements have been made PRIOR to start of product evaluation.) Products are generally donated with all appropriate manuals, etc. to children's wards at hospitals, schools, off-continent urgent concerns, special needs children, or charities for disadvantaged children.

  • Upon request and formal approval by authorized staff, products can be returned. Any and all expenses for the return fall upon the company / individual who submitted the product(s).


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