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The Toy Man® News & Views
Product Reviews / Evaluation Report Summaries (ERS)

Induction Certificate Number:   74020110916-522
Induction Date:   September 16, 2011
Certificate License Status:   Active
Product:   eye games for baby
MSRP:   $15.99 USD
Company URL:  http://www.babyofmind.com

eye games for baby

by:  Rev. James G.W. Fisher - Editor / Product Evaluation Specialist
Evaluation Report Summary (ERS) Date:  09/16/2011

For an infant in the newborn to 6 months age range, the design and image pairings with eye games for baby become part of a fascinating game so to speak, of venturing, learning, and visual stimulation.

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Product Type Release Year Primary Usage Target Age / Max. Weight Target Gender
Books - Infant Skill Development 2011 Consumer/Education Newborn - 6 months Female/Male

Evaluation Report Summary (ERS) - Index

Evaluation Report Summary (ERS)
Category Rating Scores

Category rating scores are based on scale from 1 to 5. Rating score must be 3 or higher to pass in each evaluation category.

Cost Benefit Durability Familiarization & Recognition Marketability Response Level Visual Appeal
5 5 5 5 5 4.5

Final product / service rating is averaged from the sum total of ALL applicable evaluation category scores. Only scores of "3" or higher are published.

There are a total of 357 evaluation categories which are used in our evaluation process.
(NOTE: Not all categories are applicable to any one product or online service.)

Only 6 of the evaluation category rating scores for this New Inductee's evaluation are featured for public view.

Critical Evaluation Information

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About Our New Inductee

Before you buy a product, it's generally common practice to be familiar with what it does, the branding, and other details. We feel that the same rule applies to our "New Inductees" we announce each week, so this section is titled "About Our New Inductee." The information in this section will provide you with a quick yet accurate glance of what the product or service is all about.

Image of the baby's first stroller book.
"eye games for baby is designed to pick up the reins from the first day an infant is born and introduce an entirely new group of visual acquaintance adventures. It's much more than a book. eye games for baby is more of a game of sorts; a challenge that motivates an infant to study, assimilate the information their eyes deliver, and respond from the stimulation."
Ref: eye games for baby - Indepedent Evaluator Report
Doctor of  Pediatric Opthamology, M.D. O.D. Ed.D

There were definitely no complaints from the infants about eye games for baby with no "nays" in the consensus. The "eyes" definitely have it.  Okay. I know, lame humor yet it DID get your attention.  Did it not?  The same effect of capturing attention occurs for an infant especially in the newborn to six month age range. 

eye games for baby has the same format as its companion book, baby's first stroller book yet that's where you draw the line. (I'll come back to that in more detail in the next section.)  

  • Accordion-fold baby book (6.5" x 7.5" in closed/folded state)
  • 10 individualizing, distinct color images (one per page)
  • Base medium of book is soft paper
  • Images in well researched sequence and design structure
  • Combination of color/image pairing influences acceleration of visual development

  • Where similar books influence fine motor skill development primarily, eye games for baby evokes and incessant desire to anlayze and focus. In a newborn to 3 month old age range infant, this desire is defined as focus on the visual  imagery of the book more so than holding the book and manipulating it.
There are a vast amount of important details that defines the full value of each. However, each individual image in eye games for baby has specific details of color and shape combination that are unique unto themselves. Essentially, different design = different stimulation/response.

To encapsulate what eye games for baby  is truly about, I will take a quote from the doctors who did the research studies with eye games for baby "There is no doubt in our minds that eye games for baby has specific unique traits. I will emphasize the word unique.  With the first book, (The baby's first stroller book), the infant's focus was centered more on usage of their hands to investigate and experience the feel, shape, and visual stimulation of the book. The focus of attention for the infants was far different with eye games for baby."

"eye games for baby is a distinct variation from baby's first stroller book.  "In our clinical studies we noted a strong influence with the infants the 10 individual images of the book.  There was an intense desire to simply stare at each of the images for extended periods of time rather than short static periods of attention.  That influence contributes substantially to an exceptionally strong level of stimulation associated with visual skill development which encourages accelerated skill development."

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Additional Details & Perspectives

While it's great for some people who just want a cursory glance at what a New Inductee is all about, there are many others who have a greater appetite for more information. This section is titled "Additional Details & Perspectives". and will provide you with additional details an perspectives associated with the product or service being featured here.

An image of one the 'eye games for baby' visually stimulating images.

FACT: "The 10 distinctive images in 'eye games for baby' contribute substantially to not just visual skill improvement, but infant alertness, spatial orientation, attention to object features & details, and endogenous attention development"

With eye games for baby you will soon discover how the book seems to have a hypnotic effect that causes infants to maintain an extended period of attention on each of the colorful images.  Of course there is no SciFi idea such as a hypnotic effect holding an infant's attention.  The part about infants maintaining an extended period of attention is in fact true.

For an infant, their world is nothing but new experiences waiting to be investigated. As one of our independent evaluators stated, "...it's a game of sorts." The vivid colors, well defined shapes and lines in each of the 10 visually stimulating images cause an infant to shift from the realm of security with the familiar face of Mommy. A game is afoot for an infant as they venture forth both visually and mentally on a journey of fascination to identify and make pairings of the various shapes lines, and combination of both that they discover in their quest with eye games for baby.


eye games for baby is 100% ChildSafe™ and an ingenious combination of color, shape, and convenience for a mother, all in one product. The intelligently and purposeful designed images with high-contrast patterns in eye games for baby stimulate multiple areas of the brain forming essential neurological connections for visual and other critical skill development.

One of the many unique qualities of eye games for baby is how the imagery with this book influences the creative and cognitive developmental skill of an infant.  As they play their game so to speak with eye games for baby, they learn new paths from one line to another, from a line to a circle, from a line to a circle to a line, and so on. As part of this game, the 10 images introduce progressive, not random transition that is captivating to an infant.  This is invaluable for creative and cognitive skill development.

While baby's first stroller book has a more diverse range of focus and purpose in effect in its design to influence accelerated skill development, eye games for baby has a greater effect in a singular primary focus upon each individual image.  Manipulation of the book and pages by the infant in the first six months of the postnatal period is simply not an elemental factor with most infants in our testing.  The attention remains on the imagery, continuing the game to the next level as the infant continues to develop skills at an accelerated and aggressive rate. 

For an infant, every moment that passes is yet another stage of an infant's skill development, especially in the 6 months postnatal stage of development.  eye games for baby is designed as a tool to literally grow with the infant in this period and well afterwards as you will soon see in the excerpts from our independent evaluation professionals.
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Independent Evaluator Reports

In this section we have called upon the assistance of top industry professionals to evaluate the product in this evaluation summary. These scholars form their own opinions from extensive analysis and produce detailed, in-depth reports connected with their own personal study and evaluation of the products submitted for independent evaluation.

The information to follow is comprised of excerpts from the independent evaluator reports that have been paraphrased, posted verbatim, or a combination of both in order to encapsulate an accurate presentation of the primary details conveyed in each report. This approach provides a completely independent perspective in the evaluation each product.

An image of the 'eye games for baby' book cover.
eye games for baby
TARGET AGE GROUP: Newborn to 6 months
DURABILITY: Designed for long term use
Overall Rating Average: 4.5 Star Rating Image

Independent evaluators are a vital part of our product and service evaluation process. Having the most elite of professionals from across the globe assist us in our evaluation process. Being independent of our publication and providing their time at no charge, enables us to ensure the production of a well rounded and accurate evaluation of all products and services submitted.

These scholars form their own opinions from extensive analysis of all products and services submitted and produce detailed and in-depth reports which are an integral part of our entire evaluation process.

The information to follow is comprised of primary feature details and excerpts from their reports that have been paraphrased, posted verbatim, or a combination of both in order to encapsulate an accurate presentation of the primary details conveyed in each report. This approach provides a completely independent perspective in the evaluation each product or service.

This Week's Independent Evaluators...

* This doctor requested the same excerpt from the summary of baby's first stroller book be used in this section due to the fact that both books were being used in his evaluation synchronously.

Doctor of Pediatric Opthamology, M.D. O.D. Ed. D
Director of Clinical Pediatric Ophthalmology

"At this point of my assessment in this clinical study, there is a well-defined difference in response levels and skill development between the "Group A" infants with the 'eye games for baby' and "Group B" infants which do not have the book. With the infants in "Group A", the 'eye games for baby' was introduced with the analysis procedure being duplicated with each mother and her infant exact as possible to ensure consistency in the study.

Mothers were given the list of words and phrases to be spoken to the infants with no deviation allowed during each session. It was taken into consideration that a small variance was inevitable with each mother due to each one having unique behavioral characteristics, yet the variance was limited and remained within allowable margins in the study.

"Group B" infants were introduced to toys and other stimuli with which they are already familiar to create a sense of their home environment. This group's mothers were instructed to carry on as though they were at home with no direct influencing factors, that might invalidate the purpose of the study, including use of the book which 'Group A infants' had."

"After reviewing the videotapes of the ongoing clinical study to this point in time, I established that 'Group A' is demonstrating a significant increase in response levels to not only the book itself, but all other natural stimuli. New toys or other objects were introduced to the infants from which they have had no prior experience.

Familiarization and recognition by impulsive need to use memory recall for association
with the new objects was immediate for the infants in 'Group A' where the 'eye games for baby' was introduced. With 'Group B', where the 'eye games for baby' was not introduced, the infants showed a minimal level of any significant response above the average expected.

In a comparative review of the actions, responses, emotions and development levels between the two groups of infants there is strong evidence of the 'Group A' infants having a significant difference globally. This was clearly demonstrated with use of the fine motor skills for many of this group's infants, and even more so with the visual response during each experience with the 'baby's first stroller book' with their mother."

Neuroscientist / Doctor of Behavioral Study, Ph.D.
Professor / Special Needs Treatment Coordinator

"eye games for baby is the second book from Baby of Mind we have evaluated and has the same level of contribution to accelerated skill development with infants as the prior book we performed analysis on if not better. 

eye games for baby represents a brilliant formation of visually subjective individual images that are specific in nature to stimulate an infant on both the emotional level as well as skill development. Each image provides a medium to fill the void of a questing mind while having its own intended influence in an infant's development.

"An important feature of the eye games for baby is how the images are presented in a different manner than many other books of similar nature have chosen to follow. There is no real series of progression with the images. Each one is individualized and set apart from the rest. With undeniable fact of each infant having different personality types in addition to level of ocular development, one image may stimulate the interest of one infant yet not for another.

It is of the highest level of urgency to note make note of how each of the 10 images with eye games for baby seem to have a different purpose and effect with infants, (1 week to 3 months of age).  Each individual image seemed to capture the infant's attention for extended periods of time. To be more precise, the normal assumed rule of the mother's face being the primary shape of recognition gaining the majority of an infant's attention proved not to confirmed. Either each of the images or a single image from eye games for baby interrupted that normal behavioral pattern.

The average behavioral patterns of an infant in this age range tend to be random and with no real consistency apparent.  When the infants in our clinical testing group were either given eye games for baby or the mother would introduce the book to the infant, focus on the book was sporadic until they saw any or all of the 10 images.

With the more extended period of attention to any one or all of the book's images, the range of visual stimulation creates an even further acceleration of skill development on a per activity Image representing the per activity and demand bais/ratio. demand basis. The extended experience with the images encourages a stronger level of effort associated with object/shape association and recognition which is irrefragable. As a result, acceleration of critical skill development becomes a natural default result from the experience with 'eye games for baby'."

* PLEASE NOTE: At the request of our independent evaluators their names are not disclosed to protect their personal and professional privacy. Their labors are provided at no charge to assist us in providing a well-balanced and accurate product or service evaluation summary. All opinions and or statements from the independent evaluator(s) featured here do not represent the opinion of The Toy Man® Product Guide, any member or division of Epiphany Communications itself.

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Consumer Hands-On Evaluation

Nothing is more powerful than hands-on experience by a consumer with a product when it is under evaluation. Based upon that fact we put a number of products we currently are slated to evaluate at the mercy of consumers in a hands-on evaluation where anything goes. The information to follow will explore the responses from the participants in our spontaneous hands-on consumer evaluation of the products available for their review.

An image of one the 'eye games for baby' visually stimulating images.

FACT: "Consumers on the average are drawn to any product which has colorful and abstract designs such as the images in eye games for baby.  This type of imagery stimulates development of visual perception and acuity in addition to greater level of memory retention and expressive thought for infants.

Both baby's first stroller book and its companion book eye games for baby were literally a phenomenon in our consumer hands on evaluation events we held in Brighton, Ma. and Los Angeles, Ca. With the assistance of several mothers, some with infants of their own, we were able to hold our event in Brighton flawlessly. Los Angeles was a bit more of a challenge due to a number of challenges, yet it still was a success with plenty of excited Moms.

The two events proved to be a learning experience, even for our staff. Both books we had in the evaluation from Baby of Mind had their own special group of followers. eye games for baby though was of great interest to many of us due to the fact that it was used more prominently by the mothers than baby's first stroller book.

As a part of our evaluation process for the book, we had one of the "Endangered Species" strollers from Baby Planet that we use periodically for our in house testing and consumer evaluation. Based upon the feedback form information from the mothers, it seems that the title of baby's first stroller book seemed to have an influence with the mothers to gravitate to the stroller we provided while reviewing the book.

With eye games for baby, mothers had the book with their infants in a variety of areas of our event location, most not having the infant in a stroller. A bit of a twist came into play for this book due to the fact that even toddlers who were also with some of the Moms, took great interest in the images in eye games for baby.  With baby's first stroller book, this was not the case despite the similarity of the images in both books.

Every mother expressed nothing but praise in the feedback forms they filled out for us. Everything from the portability, durability, the images, and how in this case, their infants were "...totally captivated by the beautiful artwork on each page." After reviewing all notes, feedback forms, and videos from the all events we hosted, baby's first stroller book captured the hearts of each of the mothers and the attention of the infants. eye games for baby was a complete and total success in this phase of our evaluation process.

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A Sampling Of Our Evaluation Category Ratings

The rating of a product is useless if you do not fully understand and comprehend how the ratings is reached or what the value of the rating represents. This need for clarity encouraged us to have this section titled "A Sampling Of Our Evaluation Category Ratings." To assist you in gaining a greater understanding of the evaluation category ratings we use, a small sampling of the individual category titles & rating scores from the complete product review itself for this product or service are featured here.

The categories which have been selected to be featured in this evaluation report summary for public view, specify some of the primary points of how and why each specific rating score was reached.

The Featured Category Ratings Sampling For This Evaluation Summary Are Listed Below:

COST BENEFIT: Rating Level - [5] an image of 4 gold  stars

Considering the simplicity of the eye games for baby, we were faced with a challenging task of taking simplicity in a product and searching for every possible perspective of seeing it. There is no question about it, eye games for baby sweeps the floor in regard to cost benefit.

When you consider the incredible wealth of information brought to light so far in this ERS ranging from the images used, the contribution to an infant's development, functionality and price point, eye games for baby can easily be recognized for the cost benefit associated with it. eye games for baby pulled a perfect score of [5] Stars in this evaluation category for COST BENEFIT.

DURABILITY: Rating Level - [5] an image of 4 gold  stars

DURABILITY was probably one of the most enjoyable evaluation categories to handle with eye games for baby. Just imagine if you will, an accordion style visual aid book for infants that is soft, lightweight, and made of flexible white board paper with cornered edges being tossed to and fro' in a commercial dryer, (on a warm setting of course), with sandstones to simulate standard wear?

After repeating the same treatment in the commercial dryer 30 times, the eye games for baby showed very minimal signs of damage/wear with visual appearance seeming just as you would expect from a long-term period of use with a group of excited children at Play.  eye games for baby came in the gates with a perfect score of [5] Stars in this evaluation category for DURABILITY.

FAMILIARIZATION & RECOGNITION: Rating Level - [5] an image of 4 gold  stars

The evaluation of the eye games for baby for FAMILIARIZATION & RECOGNITION was once again a complete sweep. As one of our doctors participating in the evaluation as an independent evaluator expressed, "Familiarization and recognition by need to use memory recall for association with the new objects was immediate for the infants in 'Group A' where the 'eye games for baby' was introduced.

With 'Group B', where the 'eye games for baby' was not introduced, the infants showed a minimal level of any significant response above the average expected.
" This also enables eye games for baby to keep from being boring and redundant. eye games for baby comes racing across the finish line with a perfect score of [5] Stars in this category for FAMILIARIZATION & RECOGNITION.

MARKETABILITY: Rating Level - [5] an image of 4 gold  stars

eye games for baby possesses all of the required attributes to soar to the highest degree in MARKETABILITY. The eye games for baby. If you combine the first experience with eye games for baby for the mother and infant, with the impressive analysis results of the leading medical professionals, what else could you possibly imagine but a perfect score in this evaluation category for MARKETABILITY.

eye games for baby comes through in this evaluation category with a perfect score of [5] Stars in this category for MARKETABILITY.

SKILL IMPROVEMENT: Rating Level - [5] an image of 5 gold  stars

eye games for baby crossed borders perhaps never considered before in the evaluation of an infant visual aid book in both the consumer and education environments. A progressive rate of skill development and improvement for infants is inevitable according to the leading doctors who performed their studies with the eye games for baby.

eye games for baby successfully passed this category of evaluation with a perfect score of [5] Stars in this category for SKILL IMPROVEMENT.

VISUAL APPEAL: Rating Level - [4.5] an image of 4.5 gold  stars

VISUAL APPEAL posed an interesting challenge in our evaluation of eye games for baby. Our evaluation outline for this category is simple, yet the old phrase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" came into the evaluation for this category. After extensive deliberation and analysis, it was determined that eye games for baby was exceedingly great in the idea of visual appeal as far as the artwork on each page. There was a fractional consideration though, that gave the eye games for baby a small ding.

There was no question or doubt that each of the images in the book were highly detailed and carefully designed to fulfill the purpose of the book intended. Using role play thinking from infant to and adult, every facet the eye games for baby was considered, as though seeing the product through the eyes of an individual for each age group. eye games for baby was lacking though in the actual book cover.

There was an insufficient scoring level established from our review to pull a perfect score for Visual Appeal. eye games for baby strutted through this evaluation category just a half a point short of a perfect score of with [4.5] Stars in this category for VISUAL APPEAL.

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EVALUATION RESULTS - From evaluation for induction into "The Toy Man® News & Reviews"
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    Seal of Approval:  
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This emblem was first established in 1971 by the International Parenting Institute™. It is modeled after the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval®", an emblem of recognition for products which meet the globally recognized high standards set forth by the Good Housekeeping Institute®.


"An emblem of the highest recognition...
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The Toy Man® eco-Recognition Seal™, by Rev. James
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These products have demonstrated that they possess the potential as well as high probability to be top sellers.
The Toy Man® eco-Recognition Seal™ embodies the highest recognition for products and services which provide a significant contribution to ecological concerns by one or more of the following;
- earthFriendly™ / Recycled / Recyclable materials are being used primarily or entirely in the manufacturing of the product.

- Product is or will soon be available exclusively or primarily online.


"These are globally recognized awards that are received by a limited few,
yet they provide the well earned recognition well beyond the average that is truly deserved!"

"The Toy Man® Award of Excellence" is awarded to inductees that have an overall Evaluation Category Rating Average, ECRA™, of [5] Stars. That is the highest level of rating available on a 1-5 scale evaluation model. The ECRA is based upon the overall average from all applicable evaluation categories"
PLEASE NOTE: There are a total of 357 evaluation categories with a minimum of 231 being applicable to any one product or online service in our evaluation process with 6 being featured in the Evaluation Report Summary, ERS.

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These products have demonstrated that they possess the potential as well as high probability to be top sellers.
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