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The Toy Man® News & Views
Product Reviews / Evaluation Report Summaries (ERS)

Induction Certificate Number:   74020110818-518
Induction Date:   August 18, 2011
Certificate License Status:   Active
Product:   Telegruv - The Dance Telephone Game
MSRP:   $24.99 USD
Company URL:  http://www.telegruv.com/

Telegruv - The Dance Telephone Game

by:  Rev. James G.W. Fisher - Editor / Product Evaluation Specialist
Evaluation Report Summary (ERS) Date:  08/18/2011

Telegruv is a new party game that borrows the concept of the classic game Telephone, but instead of passing a phrase down a chain of people, competing teams try to pass along a series of dance moves from memory.

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Product Type Release Year Primary Usage Target Age / Max. Weight Target Gender
Games - Group Interactive 2010 Consumer 8 years + Female/Male

Evaluation Report Summary (ERS) - Index

Evaluation Report Summary (ERS)
Category Rating Scores

Category rating scores are based on scale from 1 to 5. Rating score must be 3 or higher to pass in each evaluation category.

Creative Agenda funQuotient™ Learning Curve Marketability Skill Development Visual Appeal
5 5 5 5 5 4

Final product / service rating is averaged from the sum total of ALL applicable evaluation category scores. Only scores of "3" or higher are published.

There are a total of 357 evaluation categories which are used in our evaluation process.
(NOTE: Not all categories are applicable to any one product or online service.)

Only 6 of the evaluation category rating scores for this New Inductee's evaluation are featured for public view.

Critical Evaluation Information

These icons represent important attributes with which this product / service is associated, contributes to, or encourages development of. Select any of the unique icons below to learn more about the specific attribute it represents.

image of factory with ecological leaves symbol. Trade Industry Sales Types

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Safety Guidelines Symbol ImageSafety / Quality Classifications
CE MarkedUL ApprovedJPMA Certified
(Not Applicable)(Not Applicable)
ASTM Complianteco-Friendlyeco-Conscious

Independent Lab Tested  Independent Lab Name 
LeadSafe™ - Surface Coatings/PaintLeadSafe™ - Content / SubstratesPhthalatesSafe
  (Not Applicable)
BPASafeSoluble Heavy MetalsMechanical/Physical
(Not Applicable)
Flammability - Solids/TextilesLabeling of Hazardous Art MaterialsiWatchDog™ Approved
(Complies with ICCS™ Certification Standards)
(Not Applicable)

UPC Code / ISBN#Manufacturer SKUAge Grading
0609728118044 Labeled/Appropriate

Manufactured InSafety Hazard/Warnings


About Our New Inductee

Before you buy a product, it's generally common practice to be familiar with what it does, the branding, and other details. We feel that the same rule applies to our "New Inductees" we announce each week, so this section is titled "About Our New Inductee." The information in this section will provide you with a quick yet accurate glance of what the product or service is all about.

Image of the Telegruv game box. Ever play the old classic game "Telephone"? Telegruv is a new party game that borrows the concept of the classic game Telephone.  That's where you just pass a phrase down a chain of people and watch the phrase get twisted into an entirely new phrase at the end of the chain.

With Telegruv, instead of using the chain approach, competing teams try to pass along a series of dance moves from memory!  Just imagine how Telegruv provides nonstop laughter as the original dance moves degenerate with hilarious end results!

While what the game is all about is of strong importance for the buyers, so are the benefits that come from the game play. Ever consider the influence a game might have on your skill development, interactive social skills, or even that it contributes to your being more effective in your job and personal life in general?  Well guess what!  Telegruv contributes to more areas of you life than many other games on the market!

With each game played you are working with gross motor, fine motor, sensory, social/emotional, and cognitive skills! Now I am not talking about just average level, I'm talking about your skills are on steroids during a game.  Best of all, your doing all of this while having a hilarious time.

Another fact to consider is that just as with any other game, the learning curve is of high importance with Telegruv. The learning curve is a crucial factor in the determination of the marketing value in our evaluation. Telegruv really took the cake on this one as you will see in the next section where I will get more into the actual "How To" of the game.
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Additional Details & Perspectives

While it's great for some people who just want a cursory glance at what a New Inductee is all about, there are many others who have a greater appetite for more information. This section is titled "Additional Details & Perspectives". and will provide you with additional details and perspectives associated with the product or service being featured here.

An image of one of the Telegruv dance card moves. Get'n In The Gruv With Telegruv

The best way to get an idea of how to get into the gruv with Telegruv is to get a little outline on how it works.  The creators of Telegruv provided a perfect outline for us

"At the beginning of each turn in the first game, one playing team member (Dancer A), draws 3 dance cards from the playing area and tries to memorize the dance moves from the selected cards.  The other team members stand in a line with their backs to Dancer A. 

After 90 seconds of studying the dance cards, Dancer A gives the cards to the playing team and taps one teammate (Dancer B) on the shoulder to turn around.  Dancer B closely watches as Dancer A performs the dance moves from memory.  Once the dance moves have been performed, Dancer B taps the next person in line (Dancer C) and performs the dance moves for him/her.

This sequence continues until the last dancer performs the sequence for everyone, including the other team.  The other team awards one point for each move that makes it to the end.  After three rounds of play, the team with the most points wins."

...But it doesn't stop there!

With the next game the first player draws 4 cards instead of 3 as in the first game, then 5 in the next! Oh...I did forget to mention that the appionted as the scorer flips the 90 second sand glass timer?  The player the has 90 seconds to memorize the dance cards as best as possible then give them to the scorer.

There's even another unexpected surprise here.  If a "WILD" card is drawn, the scoring team makes up their own creative dance move for the playing team to perform!
An image of one of the Telegruv dance card moves.

SCORING: Of course you have to know how the scoring mechanism works so here it is. "The scorer gives 1 point per dance move that is executed correctly on ALLdance elements included.  A 1/2 a point can be given for each move that is partially correct." (The scoring team can tabs on the scoring of the Playing Team using the pads and pencils supplied in the game box.) It is only logical that the team with the largest number of points wins, yet if there is a tie, the teams play one extra game for a tie-breaker.  
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Independent Evaluator Reports

In this section we have called upon the assistance of top industry professionals to evaluate the product in this evaluation summary. These scholars form their own opinions from extensive analysis and produce detailed, in-depth reports connected with their own personal study and evaluation of the products submitted for independent evaluation.

The information to follow is comprised of excerpts from the independent evaluator reports that have been paraphrased, posted verbatim, or a combination of both in order to encapsulate an accurate presentation of the primary details conveyed in each report. This approach provides a completely independent perspective in the evaluation each product.

Telegruv - The Dance Telephone Game


8 Years +
VERY Short
Average 51-60 minutes
Overall Rating Average: 5 Star Rating Image

This Week's Independent Evaluators

Professor of Psychology, Ph.D. / Therapeutic Recreation Expert, M.S.
Director of Therapeutic Recreation Studies and Practice

"Telegruv presents a compound synthesis of active thought processing, retentive memory, social interaction, and executive cognitive activity in learning and entertainment. These all represent a complex combination of contributions to cognitive disequilibrium within each player.

The first player knows the exact details of action to be performed shown on the playing card yet the details of the action performed by each player in the chain is a discrepancy of what the first player knows is accurate. This is inherited directly conduit for these contributions to be inherited by each and every player."

"Telegruv provides all of the pieces of the puzzle necessary to push the players to improve their skills on multiple levels with each game. A constant contribution to accurate interpretation and delivery in communication is experienced by all players in each game played.  Social interaction skills are stimulated for improvement and better application of use.  This sub-consciously supplicates each player for a greater desire of success and completion of task."

Behavior Change Communications Specialist, Ph.D. M.Ed.
Chief of Recreational Therapy and Behavioral Study

"Telegruv unequivocally encourages a steady level of growth in interpersonal communication. It employs the use criteria for completion of a specifically outlined goal through which assured progression and completion is achieved. As time progresses, the improvement merges into other areas of a player's daily life."

"Telegruv is an authoritative stimulant for each and every player. There is no option for failure in the design of this game. Each individual's interpretation of the information from the previous player is their own unique assimilation of it.  This creates an acceleration of stimulation to the emotions of the group of players which began as a smile and evolves into a cacophony of uproariousness and laughter."
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* PLEASE NOTE: At the request of our independent evaluators their names are not disclosed to protect their personal and professional privacy. Their labors are provided at no charge to assist us in providing a well-balanced and accurate product or service evaluation summary. All opinions and or statements from the independent evaluator(s) featured here do not represent the opinion of The Toy Man® Product Guide, any member, division of, or Epiphany Communications itself.

Consumer Hands-On Evaluation

Nothing is more powerful than hands-on experience by a consumer with a product when it is under evaluation. Based upon that fact we put a number of products we currently are slated to evaluate at the mercy of consumers in a hands-on evaluation where anything goes. The information to follow will explore the responses from the participants in our spontaneous hands-on consumer evaluation of the products available for their review.

The participants in our consumer evaluation were definitely getting the "gruv"on with Telegruv as they progressed from player to player with their dance info, with out right unexpected interpretations of how each player visually recalled what they were supposed to duplicate. 

This was by far one of the most comical consumer evaluations we have done to date! Watching the players perform the dances and then seeing them being judged by the opposing team was a total barrel of laughs! The image at left shows an example of one of the game cards.

In our interviewing participants of our study in our behavioral response study and consumer hands-on evaluations, it was clear to see how Telegruv had influenced a variety of skill improvement variations manifested in each of the players. A valuable point we took note of was how each and every consumer who participated was smiling ear to ear when they left our evaluations.

Following careful study of feedback forms, video tapes, and our own report data, it was easily confirmed that Telegruv passed this evaluation category and was gaining quite the following.
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A Sampling Of Our Evaluation Category Ratings

The rating of a product is useless if you do not fully understand and comprehend how the ratings is reached or what the value of the rating represents. This need for clarity encouraged us to have this section titled "A Sampling Of Our Evaluation Category Ratings." To assist you in gaining a greater understanding of the evaluation category ratings we use, a small sampling of the individual category titles & rating scores from the complete product review itself for this product or service are featured here.

The categories which have been selected to be featured in this evaluation report summary for public view, specify some of the primary points of how and why each specific rating score was reached.

The Featured Category Ratings Sampling For This Evaluation Summary Are Listed Below:

CREATIVE AGENDA: Rating Level - [5] an image of 4 gold  stars

CREATIVE AGENDA was one of the strongest evaluation categories for Telegruv. In our testing in multiple age groups and environments both private an public, including two educational facilities, Telegruv was judged to have outstanding mechanics in the creative agenda that that contribute a strong narrative progression and response level with all players in all age groups. Creative thinking, cognitive abstract symbolic reasoning, and were impacted dramatically from the creative agenda influence of Telegruv.

Telegruv pulled a perfect score of [5] Stars in this evaluation category for CREATIVE AGENDA.

funQUOTIENT™: Rating Level - [5] an image of 4 gold  stars

Telegruv grabbed the brass ring without a hitch when it comes to the funQuotient™ of the game. Telegruv is one of the limited few games we see each year that captures and maintains every player's interest from start to finish, leaving the game with a smile.  At the same time, Telegruv maintains a strong control of positive emotional response and skill development concurrently with an equal measure with the psychological/emotional end. The funQuotient™ escalated at a measurable level with each successive game played.

Telegruv has all of the right elements successfully pooled together to create a level of funQuotient™ pulled it well above many of the other products in this week's final stage of evaluation. Telegruv earned a perfect score of [5] Stars in this evaluation category for funQuotient™.

LEARNING CURVE: Rating Level - [5] an image of 5 gold  stars

Telegruv was the master of the LEARNING CURVE in this evaluation. One of the well established reasons for this is how Telegruv takes a classic game that is simple, easy to learn, and just plain simplistic, and used it as a base model to create an entirely new masterpiece that very well may become a classic game in itself. 

Having a game designed with a short learning curve adds greater value to the game. It creates a stronger inspiration for players to strive even harder to develop their creative expression skills to win the game. Telegruv has gone well beyond that while being no where close to being boring and redundant which helped it achieve a perfect score of [5] Stars in this category for LEARNING CURVE.

MARKETABILITY: Rating Level - [5] an image of 4 gold  stars

Telegruv paved the way for the highest of scoring in MARKETABILITY. Telegruv is unique in how that it has a wealth of dance moves that serve as actions to perform which most everyone is familiar with to some degree.  To add to that, it even has a "WILD CARD" with which a team of players can become creative in designing their own dance move for the playing team to have to perform.

A short learning curve, outstanding success with the funQUOTIENT™, and hundreds of other evaluation categories where it was so dominant in success are some of the many reason why Telegruv scored so well in the MARKETABILITY evaluation category.  The game appeals to a wide range of age groups as well as being a hybrid product.

Telegruv pulled through so incredibly well in this evaluation category with a perfect score of [5] Stars for MARKETABILITY.

SKILL IMPROVEMENT: Rating Level - [5] an image of 5 gold  stars

With Telegruv, a progressive rate of skill improvement for players of all ages is inevitable with every game that is played. Considering this is a group game, an even greater value in this evaluation category has been successfully accomplished. Quick thinking, use of creative skills, as well as extensive motor and cognitive skills being so active in use while playing Telegruv substantiates the reasoning how the game managed to earn a perfect score of [5] Stars in this category for SKILL IMPROVEMENT.

OVERALL VISUAL APPEAL: Rating Level - [4] an image of 4.5 gold  stars

With Telegruv, VISUAL APPEAL presented an intriguing challenge.  Having seen the game score so well in hundreds of our other evaluation categories, it's hard to have to finally find one where it fell just a tad short.. The game box is an eye-catcher in a heartbeat.  There is no question of that.  Playing cards are where we finally found a weakness.

The game cards have enjoyable examples of each dance move on every last onefacilities of them yet there was one single flaw.  The characters in each dance move card are in black and white, not color.  Having a white background, in many of the cards there is a small percentage of washout where the skin of the person is in a sense merging with the white background.

It is of the highest importance that you understand this is not such a "bad" element of the design but merely a slight lessening of value for the cards with our strict evaluation standards.  Each dance move illustrated is clear and easy to ready for a quick glancing observation and assimilation into memory. Telegruv faired exceptionally well above average missing a perfect score by just a single digit with a score of [4] Stars in this category for VISUAL APPEAL.

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EVALUATION RESULTS - From evaluation for induction into "The Toy Man® News & Reviews"
    Overall Rating:   5
    Seal of Approval:  
    Recommends Award:  
    eco-Recognition™ Seal:  
    Award of Excellence:  
    eChoice™ Award:  
    S. T. E. M. Award:   
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designed for product recognition and validation."

Since 1971 The Toy Man® Seal of Approval has served as an emblem of professional recognition for a 
product or service having met the strict evaluation standards of The Toy Man® Product Guide. Since 1971, "The Toy Man® Seal of Approval" has served as an emblem and standard for professional recognition of a product or online service having met the globally recognized evaluation standards of The Toy Man® Product Guide.

This emblem was first established in 1971 by the International Parenting Institute™. It is modeled after the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval®", an emblem of recognition for products which meet the globally recognized high standards set forth by the Good Housekeeping Institute®.


"These are globally recognized awards that are received by a limited few,
yet they provide the well earned recognition well beyond the average that is truly deserved!"

"The Toy Man® Award of Excellence" is awarded to inductees that have an overall Evaluation Category Rating Average, ECRA™, of [5] Stars. That is the highest level of rating available on a 1-5 scale evaluation model. The ECRA is based upon the overall average from all applicable evaluation categories"
PLEASE NOTE: There are a total of 357 evaluation categories with a minimum of 231 being applicable to any one product or online service in our evaluation process with 6 being featured in the Evaluation Report Summary, ERS.

The Toy Man® eChoice™ Award, by Rev. James
G.W. Fisher, (Chief editor and Product Evaluation Specialist of The Toy Man® Product Guide), and staff.  
These products have demonstrated that they possess the potential as well as high probability to be top sellers.
The Toy Man ®An image of the editorsChoice logo Award serves as an emblem of recognition for products & online services that contribute substantially to positive skill growth and/or productivity.

This distinguished award is exclusive as well as unique, with the editor's signature which represents a product being selected as an An image of the editorsChoice logo
PLEASE NOTE: The eChoice™ Award images which were used from 1971-1984, 1984-2007 and 2007-April 2010 have been retrired. Although the versions of the eChoice™ Award have been retired, they still remain valid.

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