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The Toy Man® News & Views
Product Reviews / Evaluation Report Summaries (ERS)

Induction Certificate Number:   74020100110-377
Induction Date:   January 10, 2010
Certificate License Status:   Active
Product:   Oh Plah! Teething Bracelet
MSRP:   $19.99 USD
Company URL:  http://www.roundhousedc.com

Oh Plah! Teething Bracelet

by:  Rev. James G.W. Fisher | The Toy Man® Product Guide - Editor / Product Evaluation Specialist
Evaluation Report Summary (ERS) Date:  01/10/2010

Oh Plah! No, that is not an expression from a Klingon™ with an attitude in a Star Trek™ movie, rather it is the name of a most unique as well as innovative concept in infant/toddler teething products. As you will soon see, Oh Plah! is really so much more than a teething bracelet. It has been heralded by many as a perfect solution for safety in infant teething and the environment itself.

Participating in our eco-Recognition™ Project to encourage greenBusiness™

Product Type Release Year Primary Usage Target Age / Max. Weight Target Gender
Toddler Toys & Accessories 2009 Consumer/Education 3 mo. - 2 yrs Female/Male

Evaluation Report Summary (ERS)
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Cost Benefit Durability Ease Of Use Functionality Innovation Visual Appeal
5 5 5 5 5 3/4

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There are a total of 357 evaluation categories which are used in our evaluation process.
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Only 6 of the evaluation category rating scores for this New Inductee's evaluation are featured for public view.

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CE MarkedUL ApprovedJPMA Certified
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ASTM Complianteco-Friendlyeco-Conscious

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  STR - Specialized Technol
LeadSafe™ - Surface Coatings/PaintLeadSafe™ - Content / SubstratesPhthalatesSafe
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BPASafeSoluble Heavy MetalsMechanical/Physical
Flammability - Solids/TextilesLabeling of Hazardous Art MaterialsiWatchDog™ Approved
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Introducing Oh Plah!, The eco-Friendly Teething Bracelet Solution

* SUMMARY CODES: Board Certified Behavioral Analyst - BCBA | PDD - Pervasive Developmental Disorder | SN - Special Needs

To break the ice with the introduction of Oh Plah! in the very first product evaluation summary for 2010, I have chosen to take a more unique approach to introduce the product. I may get some feathers ruffled with men, but this is a product for women and developed by women.

When I first saw the product for my segment of the product evaluation and saw the name "Oh-Plah!", my first impulse thought was as stated in the initial intro. It sounded like an expression from a Klingon™ with an attitude in a Star Trek™ movie from Paramount Pictures. In actuality, it is the name of a most unique as well as innovative concept in hybrid infant/toddler teething products. Not only is it applicable for use with an average consumer's infant or toddler, it is also applicable for use with in the SN arena.

Oh Plah! is a teething bracelet seasoned with a hint of fashion, while at the same time serving as one of the most innovative contributions to an eco-friendly environment. When it comes to Mom's having to endure the worries and discomfort associated with their infant's teething period, Oh Plah! is the product of their dreams! One of our independent product evaluators made that quite clear in her report as you will see later in this summary.

Seeing Oh Plah! Through The Eyes of a Mother

 An image of a mother holding her infant and an Oh Plah! with the infant's attention drawn right to the Oh Plah! title= It is rather funny how many men just like myself, at first glance of the Oh Plah! tend to utter those memorable words..."What is it?" or something to that effect. On the other side of the coin, women/mothers see Oh Plah! from an entirely different perspective, recognizing its full use and value. Literally every woman we have shown the Oh Plah! to at our Merry Christmas Chicago™ event or on the streets of Chicago and New York City, have had an opposite response of men. Most of the women placed the bracelet on their wrists immediately and began admiring it on their wrist as a fashion addition, not just a teething solution!

So Much More Than Meets The Eye

As was explained earlier in the difference of perspectives between men and women with Oh Plah!, the product sustains an unquestionable draw of interest by women. For them, an Oh Plah! holds far more to discover of its full value and effectiveness in actual use. To start with, it provide a dual convenience for a mother by being a bracelet. While it is convenient for a mother to have it so easily accessible when needed most instead of having to reach into a diaper bag or purse to obtain it for use, it also captures the eye of an infant so easily as you can see from the image used as an example in this section.

Testing The Durability Of An Oh Plah!

When it comes to durability and so many other aspects of an Oh Plah! we put several of them through our own unique in-house testing. You can be sure of one thing, out of the five different Oh Plah!'s subjected to tortuous bending, pulling, and being hit at a high speed in a machine with a metal punch repeatedly for hours on end, every one of the Oh Plah!'s was still looking good and withstood the excessive abuse.

Yes, we realize that is quite excessive yet we want a Mother to know that the product has not just passed the usual lab tests, it has been taken to the extreme and met our own tough standards. The end results established that unlike most teething solutions on the market which have a limited window of functionality, an Oh Plah! can grow with the child in a sense, going well beyond just the teething function alone. In the excerpts from the two independent product evaluators to follow, you will learn even more about what makes an Oh Plah! so special.

Taking eco-Friendly To The Max

If all of this wasn't enough, an Oh Plah! is even a major contribution to being eco-Friendly. When a mother is finished using her child's Oh Plah!, she can take advantage of Roundhouse Design Collaborative's "Full Circle" ecology effort. The company will pay the postage to have the Oh Plah! bracelet shipped back to be recycled and used to create new products. They even offer a postage paid shipping label right on their company website! The bracelet is packaged on a recycled and recyclable 5”x7” card that has been printed using only vegetable-based inks. All components of the product, including the packaging, are manufactured in the USA.

Qualified Industry Professionals Have Their Say

Obtaining An Independent Perspective...

In this section we will cover the "Oh Plah! Teething Bracelet" from the perspectives of a qualified individual in the specific field associated with the product being evaluated. To accomplish that task we have called upon the assistance of top level industry professionals who know their stuff and have the credentials to prove it.

Our professional and independent evaluators have formed their own opinions from extensive analysis and produced detailed, in-depth reports connected with their study and evaluation of the Oh Plah! Teething Bracelet. The information to follow is comprised of excerpts from those same reports. These quotations have been paraphrased in order to encapsulate the primary points being conveyed in each report. This approach provides completely independent perspectives in the evaluation of the Oh Plah! Teething Bracelet.

PLEASE NOTE: The names of our independent evaluators are not disclosed to protect the privacy of these individuals upon their request. Their labors are provided at no charge to assist us in providing a well-balanced and qualified product evaluation summary. Their title is provided to clarify for our readers the specific type of specialist from which the information provided has been included in each product evaluation summary.

PRODUCT: Oh Plah! Teething Bracelet

Board Certified Behavioral Analyst | Pervasive Developmental Disorder Specialist

"Oh Plah! brought the greatest delight for me to examine and evaluate it. I am a mother of three with my youngest just reaching 7 months of age. I am sure most of you mothers are already aware of, an infant around this age who's cutting his or her teeth can so easily confirm the phrase 'misery loves company'. So it has been for me in recent past until I received the Oh Plah Teething Bracelet to evaluate."

"I had a group of 8 mothers, 4 with SN infants who were selected to participate in my evaluation of the Oh Plah. The of the cross-group was designed to produce an evaluation which would provide an accurate study of active use of the product across multiple analysis environments.

The duration of the informal study was over a period of 2 weeks with an end result objective of behavioral comparisons as follows; mother-group, mother-child, mother-child-group."

"The study was in two parts. The first was with the introduction and use of a variety of teething rings and other teething products for the first week. (Each mother was given the same products as the others.) The second part was with the oh-plah being introduced to the mothers along with the first products on the first day of the second week."

"Each day, the mothers and their children came to the clinic and remained in the nursery/playroom from 9am to 3pm. A close study of the behavioral patterns of both the mothers and their children were closely monitored with notation of matching and variations with each of the participants."

"Upon completion of the study I found two consistent details. The first was that the infants/toddlers showed a strong preference to the oh plah over the other teething products. The second was a fact that I can swear by from personal experience.

The oh plah is designed as a bracelet which afford mothers immediate access to it in times of need. There is nothing more of a nuisance than having to reach into a 'diaper bag', trying to feel around for another teething item for your child because the one they had somehow was lost yet again."

"With the oh plah, the mothers, myself included, were able to maintain a much longer period of time to wind down from the fussing of a teething child. The infants and toddlers were completely caught up in fascination with the oh plah and were either busy exploring the surface of it or were biting on it repeatedly."

In conclusion of the study I have established the following;
  • There was a significant reduction in the period of time in which a child was expressing discomfort and building stress levels when the mothers made us of the oh plah. This was especially so with the SN / PDD children.

  • The oh plah provides a significant contribution to not just teething for children, but their development of sensory skills as well.

  • The oh plah is designed in such a way that it can be fashionable enough for a mother to wear in most any casual dress environment with a borderline into a more former dress environment.

  • The oh-plah is a quite safe teething product that will provide a far greater return on investment for a mother than the average teething products."

"On a more personal note, in my evaluation of the oh plah, I found that the symmetry of the design of the product shows that the person who designed it must have some extensive background with SN children. For SN children development of sensory skills are often times delayed and a physical therapist must focus strongly on this. The oh plah combines a variety of shapes and textures which make the product literally invaluable for a mother with a SN child to use. Creating a product which has such multiplicity of function as both a teething bracelet and a sensory development tool is something which is literally impossible to put a price on."

Pediatrician - PD, GP

"The Oh Plah! is a product which I find quite amusing. Yes, that has nothing to do with the medical realm of thinking but a man cannot help but be amused when you see a simple product designed to be a teething bracelet and he sees a number of women putting the object on their wrists as though it were the latest fashion trend!

This is a far cry from a professional way to start off my report on this product yet the facts speak for themselves. I just never imagined seeing a design such as this Oh Plah! product being so popular, let alone in existence."

"As a pediatrician I need to remind you of the seriousness of the matter when a child is teething. During this period a child's teeth are baring down with strong pressure in the gum tissue, eventually cutting through and making its debut for all to see. This experience causes most babies to experience throbbing pain, swelling and the overwhelming urge to bite."

"The Oh Plah! Teething bracelet serves as a superb medium for a child to use safely to help alleviate or balance out the pressure which stimulates such high levels of pain. Easily flexed and made of a CPSIA approved material compound, what you have here is probably one of the most natural solutions I have seen to date for a mother adopt use of in the difficult time of a child's teething."

From my professional position, I would venture to say that the Oh Plah! is not only a product I would highly recommend for my patients,(mothers) to adopt for use for their children, but will recommend it to the professionals I work with for children with a PDD concern."

Consumer Hands-On Evaluation

Nothing is more powerful than hands-on experience by a consumer with a product when it is under evaluation. Based upon that fact we put a number of products we currently are slated to evaluate at the mercy of consumers in a hands-on evaluation where anything goes. Shall we see how the "Oh Plah! Teething Bracelet" was seen with consumers?

Just as the Pediatrician shared in one of the excerpts from his report, it was amazing to see the response from women the the Pediatrician's office, the streets of Chicago, the Rauner YMCA in Chicago, the streets and subways of New York, and at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. No matter where the Oh Plah! product was introduced for hands-on consumer evaluation, it was a hit with the women while the men stood there puzzled as to what "...all the fuss is about over a simple teething bracelet."

When it comes to our consumer hands-on evaluation of Oh Plah!, it was a sure hit with plenty of sales to be expected without a doubt. Evidence to back that statement up comes from a situation in a New York subway on the "#5" line.

Some of the Oh Plah!'s were handed out to women to get their feedback. At the end of the discussion about the Oh Plah!, two women got into a nasty argument as to who was supposed to get the product. One woman ripped the Oh Plah! out of the hands of another woman and the rest is obvious. Now that is popularity in its finest degree!

There was not even a hint of question as to the positive response for the Oh Plah! when we compiled our entire group of feedback forms from Chicago, New York City, and Las Vegas. Oh Plah! passed our consumer hands-on evaluation portion of our evaluation without a doubt.

A Sampling Of Category Ratings

A small sampling of the individual category titles & rating scores from the complete product review itself for this product are featured here. The categories which have been selected to be featured in this product evaluation summary for public view, specify some of the primary points of how and why that specific rating score was reached.

  • If a product is inducted, a product evaluation summary of the complete review is published for public view.
  • When a score has been assigned to a category rating, it has been through a thorough validation process to ensure accuracy and no inflection of bias.
  • If a product scores an overall category evaluation rating average of [2] Stars or lower from the complete review results, it fails the evaluation and is not inducted.
  • Information for products which do not pass our evaluation is confidential and is shared only with the company submitting the product.

The Featured Category Ratings for this Product Evaluation Summary are listed below.

COST BENEFIT: Rating Level - [5]

Oh Plah! rose to the challenge of the knock-offs and mimics of their original design and laid them flat with a cost benefit level which is literally beyond measure. Oh Plah! have the right combination of fashion, design quality, safety, and functionality that consumers are looking for. What you have here is a product with the right combination of factors to make the cost benefit scoring a perfect score. You are faced with a choice, buy an inferior mimic, or buy the original at a better price point combined with quality and safety the competitors simply don't have.

DURABILITY: Rating Level - [5]

Determining the level of durability of an Oh Plah! was quite an experience. When it comes to durability of an Oh Plah! we put several of them through our own unique in-house testing. You can be sure of one thing, out of the five different Oh Plah!'s subjected to tortuous bending, pulling, and being hit at a high speed in a machine with a metal punch repeatedly for hours on end, every one of the Oh Plah!'s was still looking good and withstood the excessive abuse. The Oh Plah! pulls a perfect score of [5] in this category for DURABILITY

EASE OF USE: Rating Level - [5]

Ease of use? This was almost too easy to establish this rating. To put it quite straight, the material compounds used to create an Oh Plah! delivered a medium which was well beyond pliable, yet still retained its strength against tearing or other damage. I would be willing to say that a baby bottle requires more effort than the Oh Plah! for active use. Oh Plah! pulls a perfect score of [5] in this category for EASE OF USE

FUNCTIONALITY: Rating Level - [5]

When it comes to FUNCTIONALITY, the Oh Plah! was a perfect fit. It's simple enough to have multiplicity in design but to also have a full functionality on every angle of use while also hosting the factor of multiplicity of use represents a product which is literally invaluable. Every function of the product comes through with 110% effectiveness. The Oh Plah! pulls a perfect score of [5] in this category for FUNCTIONALITY

INNOVATION: Rating Level - [5]

Innovation and the Oh Plah! are literally one and the same. As one of our independent evaluators expressed, "The oh plah combines a variety of shapes and textures which make the product literally invaluable for a mother with a SN child to use. Creating a product which has such multiplicity of function as both a teething bracelet and a sensory development tool is something which is literally impossible to put a price on." The Oh Plah! pulls a perfect score of [5] in this category for INNOVATION

VISUAL APPEAL: Rating Level - [3/4] |

Oh Plah! delivers a most interesting challenge in establishing an accurate scoring in this category. For most men we worked with in our evaluation, VISUAL APPEAL was barely registering an average score.

On the other side of the coin, women recognized the importance and fashion value of the Oh Plah! almost immediately. To the ladies, the Oh Plah! possessed a hint of fashion while still maintaining functionality. The visual appeal of each unique was quite strong, yet not quite high enough to make a perfect score.

Out of respect to both the men and women, the scoring in this category is split. The Oh Plah! pulls a score of [3/4] in this category for VISUAL APPEAL.

EVALUATION RESULTS - From evaluation for induction into "The Toy Man® News & Reviews"
    Overall Rating:   5
    Seal of Approval:  
    Recommends Award:  
    eco-Recognition™ Seal:  
    Award of Excellence:  
    eChoice™ Award:  
    S. T. E. M. Award:   
    Mom Approved Award:  
    Award of Recognition:™  


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product or service having met the strict evaluation standards of The Toy Man® Product Guide. Since 1971, "The Toy Man® Seal of Approval" has served as an emblem and standard for professional recognition of a product or online service having met the globally recognized evaluation standards of The Toy Man® Product Guide.

This emblem was first established in 1971 by the International Parenting Institute™. It is modeled after the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval®", an emblem of recognition for products which meet the globally recognized high standards set forth by the Good Housekeeping Institute®.


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- earthFriendly™ / Recycled / Recyclable materials are being used primarily or entirely in the manufacturing of the product.

- Product is or will soon be available exclusively or primarily online.


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yet they provide the well earned recognition well beyond the average that is truly deserved!"

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PLEASE NOTE: There are a total of 357 evaluation categories with a minimum of 231 being applicable to any one product or online service in our evaluation process with 6 being featured in the Evaluation Report Summary, ERS.

The Toy Man® eChoice™ Award, by Rev. James
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