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The Toy Man® News & Views
Product Reviews / Evaluation Report Summaries (ERS)

Induction Certificate Number:   74020100503-416
Induction Date:   May 03, 2010
Certificate License Status:   Active
Product:   Constructive Eating Plate
MSRP:   $14.95 USD
Company URL:  http://www.constructiveeating.com

Constructive Eating Plate

by:  Rev. James G.W. Fisher - Product & Service Evaluation Specialist / Editor
Evaluation Report Summary (ERS) Date:  05/03/2010

The Construction Plate is starting off with being quite unique and Made in the USA. It has patented features that work with some special utensils, ( which are also available separate ) to make eating fun and easier for children. There's nothing like a bulldozer and forklift eating utensils to encourage a child to eat!

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Product Type Release Year Primary Usage Target Age / Max. Weight Target Gender
Infant / Toddler Accessoiries 2009 Consumer/Education 2-4 years Male

Evaluation Report Summary (ERS)
Category Rating Scores

Category rating scores are based on scale from 1 to 5. Rating score must be 3 or higher to pass in each evaluation category.

Durability Functionality / Purpose FunFactor™ Marketability Skill Development Visual Appeal
5 5 5 4 5 4 / 3

Final product / service rating is averaged from the sum total of ALL applicable evaluation category scores. Only scores of "3" or higher are published.

There are a total of 357 evaluation categories which are used in our evaluation process.
(NOTE: Not all categories are applicable to any one product or online service.)

Only 6 of the evaluation category rating scores for this New Inductee's evaluation are featured for public view.

Critical Evaluation Information

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Safety Guidelines Symbol ImageSafety / Quality Classifications
CE MarkedUL ApprovedJPMA Certified
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LeadSafe™ - Surface Coatings/PaintLeadSafe™ - Content / SubstratesPhthalatesSafe
BPASafeSoluble Heavy MetalsMechanical/Physical
Flammability - Solids/TextilesLabeling of Hazardous Art MaterialsiWatchDog™ Approved
(Complies with ICCS™ Certification Standards)
(Not Applicable)(Not Applicable)

UPC Code / ISBN#Manufacturer SKUAge Grading
689076161879 72000Appropriate

Manufactured InSafety Hazard/Warnings


Identifying A Need, Creating A Solution, Providing The Catalyst

Constructive Eating, Inc., the creators of the Constructive Eating Plate, has recognized that when it comes to kids in today's society, eating is "not" a fun experience. For them it is just a regular part of life that is not always a pleasant one. The founders of Constructive Eating, Inc. taken this fact and created a solution to solve the problem.

A key point which they found consistent with kids and eating is that whatever the food may be on their plate, many kids will have a tendency to put their creative skills to work and create something with the food. Whether it be a creative new sculpture from their mashed potatoes or word puzzles from alphabet cereal, kids will do their best to make the toil of eating more enjoyable.

The only problem in creating a solution is that although kids may have a desire to get creative and somehow make their eating fun, there generally is a need for a proper catalyst to trigger the desire of a child to put their minds to task, other than thinking of their discomfort. This is where the functionality of the Constructive Eating Plate comes into play so well. The Constructive Eating Plate is a product that serves as that catalyst that is so needed, it encourages kids to eat without regret and have loads of creative fun simultaneously.

The Constructive Eating Plate - A Magical Product

What you have here is a magical product which triggers the creative imagination of a child to envision their wildest fantasies. The body's response to the use of creative imagination carries over to a countless number of other developmental skills. In a sense you could say that it begins a chain reaction, the completion of each response of the brain and body becoming the catalyst to trigger yet another.

A Base On The Moon, A Football Game...

An image of the Constructive Eating Plate with full lot of food
The Constructive Eating Plate, is a colorful plate which in a child's mind can become a base on the moon, a football game in action, or whatever their creative little minds may fathom to create in pretend-Play...while eating.

Kids can now put their creative skills into action, shooting for the most laughs from their artful creation they create with food on their Constructive Eating Plate, arranging the food on the plate.

Not only does the Constructive Eating Plate provide a plateful of fun, it also solves one of the most dreaded situations confronted by kids when they are eating their meals: it prevents foods from touching each other! No more meltdowns because the creamed corn is touching the chicken fingers. I am sure that some of us are still searching for a good self-help book to get over that particular childhood trauma.

More Than Just A New Fangled Creation

The Constructive Eating Plate is so much more than just a new fangled creation which will have a short lived measure of popularity. It is in fact quite to the contrary. With a simple combination of eating utensils, food, and the Constructive Eating Plate, the eating experience for kids and other family members becomes more than just another meal. Kids can begin creating an abundance of smiles from other family members and friends with nothing more than their meal, utensils, and imagination skills. 

Slots for a fork to fit, scoops for a spoon to fit, a ramp to push the last bit of food up into the spoon; these are all unique patented features of the Constructive Eating Plate to stir a child's imagination while eating. 

Best of all, you can take the Constructive Eating Plate one step further by adding the optional "Construction Equipment Eating Utensils".  These utensils are actually designed to work with the patented features on the Constructive Eating Plate! Time for kids at the dining table will now become an even greater experience of excitement and fun!

An image of the Constructive Eating Plate Utensils with fade effect

With or without the optional "Construction Equipment Eating Utensils", kids discover an entirely new realm of experience in eating and have fun in doing what in the past they may have seen as boring and redundant activity. At the same time, the Constructive Eating Plate is making headway in the background, providing a substantial contribution to a stronger development of creative expression, fine motor, sensory, social and cognitive skills.

* With the "Construction Equipment Eating Utensils" the levels of skill development is increased significantly.

Excerpts From Our Independent Evaluator Reports

Obtaining An Independent Perspective...

In this section we will cover the "Constructive Eating Plate" from the perspectives of qualified professionals in the specific field associated with the product being evaluated. To accomplish that task we have called upon the assistance of two top industry professionals who know their stuff and have the credentials to prove it.

Our professional and independent evaluators have formed their own opinions from extensive analysis and produced detailed, in-depth reports connected with their study and evaluation of "Constructive Eating Plate". The information to follow is comprised of excerpts from those same reports with some which have been paraphrased and others verbatim, in order to encapsulate the primary points being conveyed in each report. This approach provides completely independent perspectives in the evaluation of "Constructive Eating Plate".

PLEASE NOTE: The names of our independent evaluators are not disclosed to protect the privacy of these individuals upon their request. Their labors are provided at no charge to assist us in providing a well-balanced and qualified product evaluation summary. Their title is provided to clarify for our readers the specific type of specialist from which the information provided has been included in each product evaluation summary. All opinions and or statements from the independent evaluator(s) featured here do not represent the opinion of The Toy Man® Product Guide, any other division of GreyWolf Corp, or GreyWolf Corp itself.

PRODUCT: Constructive Eating Plate

Board Certified Behavioral Analyst

"The Constructive Eating Plate was a very pleasant change in products to evaluate. The functionality is quite clear and the benefits which can be raptured from its use are plentiful."

"Many parents fail to realize that the time they share with their child or children while eating is very important. It is a time which enables parents to interact with their children and in doing so help in the development of their psycho-social development which is so vital for communication. The Constructive Eating Plate becomes a conduit of sorts which helps a child communicate their emotions and thoughts."

"For many children, eating at the table is a time which they do not relish, being told what they have to eat and feeling of lesser value from the experience. Part of what creates this discomfort is something quite simple which to parent may seem annoying but to a child is a monumental issue which requires immediate attention.  What could this possibly be?  It is the same event which I am sure many of us will take memory of...food mixing/touching."

"While this may seem so insignificant to many mothers after a challenging day at work or handling the tasks in the flat, to a child they see it as their worst nightmare come true with no desire to be a part of it.  The Constructive Eating Plate solves this issue for children in a very creative way with multiple compartments of various shapes which separate each portion of food, one from the other. This is but a mere pittance of the many details to share about the product."

"Another important feature of the Constructive Eating Plate is the portability.  It can be taken virtually anywhere for your child to make use of it. I can only begin to imagine how many times when families have been out and had food being spilt, or had their child fussing over the food touching an other things which we might see as such nonsense.  The Constructive Eating Plate plays an active role as a solution to those moments."

ECD Facility Director

"The Constructive Eating Plate was quite enjoyable to work with in our evaluation.  Rather than having to contend with trays or singular plates, the Constructive Eating Plate is absolutely wonderful with its unusual design and functionality.  The students in my groups were captivated by the color and design of the plate, but for our staff, the separation of the food areas much like a tray was the ultimate of convenience. Less spillage and risk of other drama that generally tends to develop."

An image of the Constructive Eating Plate with full lot of food

"While convenience may be of strong importance to our staff, the more pertinent interest is a child's developmental skills and the product's attribution to their further development. It was quite apparent at even a fleeting look, the Constructive Eating Plate held many key elements in its design which provide immediate validation of this."

"The students were fully engaged with the Constructive Eating Plate throughout the entire evaluation period.  Many of the children were fascinated with the various shapes they could feel in the various ares of the plate."

"After completion of our evaluation I have no skepticism of the Constructive Eating Plate being a quite valable product for applicable use either in our ECD operations, at home, or both. Having a product which serves not just to function as a means to hold food for the children but also provide a significant contribution to the development of critical skills for children makes the Constructive Eating Plate practically priceless fro my own personal viewpoint and analysis. Oustanding!"

Consumer Hands-On Evaluation With A Twist

Nothing is more powerful than hands-on experience by a consumer with a product when it is under evaluation. Based upon that fact we put a number of products we currently are slated to evaluate at the mercy of consumers in a hands-on evaluation where anything goes. Shall we see how the "Constructive Eating Plate" was seen with consumers?

The Constructive Eating Plate created a level of response we never would have expected for those participating in our spontaneous hands-on product evaluation at a public mall in California.  (Due to all of the food that was given out by one of the restaurants there, we have been asked not to disclose the name of the mall or specifc location.) 

An image of the Constructive Eating Plate with full lot of food

The Constructive Eating Plate put an entirely new spin on our spontaneous hands-on evaluation.  Never did we imagine actually having actual food for the participants to use in their evaluation.

Special thanks are in order to the Panda Express restaurant for providing the meals for all of our participants.

Considering the fact of the Constructive Eating Plate being designed to have its full value recognized with real food, that posed a problem with our trying to do an evaluation without issues of liability, etc. That problem was quickly resolved by the owner of the Panda Express in the mall.  It turns out his wife and kids were participants in our evaluation so he donated meals for all of the participants as his way of saying thanks for their supporting our own efforts.

We soon discovered that there was momentum of excitement rapidly developing within the group of participants as with each group of two participants evaluating the Constructive Eating Plate, everyone was busy with sharing their comments about the Constructive Eating Plate, many of them even disregarding the rest of the products we had available for evaluation!

In the final evaluation sheets filled out by the parents, there was not a single negative comment from any of the parents...nothing but the very best of compliments and mention of how they felt the Constructive Eating Plate was such a great item to have there.  No question about it, the Constructive Eating Plate was a hit with all participants and even those who were outside of our area watching.  The Constructive Eating Plate passed this segment of our evaluation with flying colors!

A Sampling Of Some Of The Category Ratings

A small sampling of the individual category titles & rating scores from the complete product review itself for this product are featured here. The categories which have been selected to be featured in this product evaluation summary for public view, specify some of the primary points of how and why that specific rating score was reached.

  • If a product is inducted, a product evaluation summary of the complete review is published for public view.
  • When a score has been assigned to a category rating, it has been through a thorough validation process to ensure accuracy and no inflection of bias.
  • If a product scores an overall category evaluation rating average of [2] Stars or lower from the complete review results, it fails the evaluation and is not inducted.
  • Information for products which do not pass our evaluation is confidential and is shared only with the company submitting the product.

The Featured Category Ratings for this Product Evaluation Summary are listed below.

DURABILITY: Rating Level - [5] an image of 5 gold  stars

The Constructive Eating Plate was quite simple to evaluate for DURABILITY considering it is designed with a very solid non-toxic plastic compound. The Constructive Eating Plate was put through an excessive amount of wear and tear via multiple in-house tests we perform, after it was already used in our spontaneous consumer hands-on evaluation. The Constructive Eating Plate was also used in two well established commercial childcare facilities. 

We found it quite interesting how the Constructive Eating Plate can be pushed to the limits with extensive mechanically induced pressure from flexing and twisting without any sign loss of integrity.  In the final analysis in our evaluation of the Constructive Eating Plate in this category for DURABILITY, it closes the doors on this evaluation category with a perfect score of [5] Five Stars.

FUNCTIONALITY / PURPOSE: Rating Level - [5] an image of 5 gold  stars

The Constructive Eating Plate made this area of category evaluation very simple for us all.  In both of the well established commercial childcare facilities in which the Constructive Eating Plate was introduced for use in an actual real-life application, the facility directors and doctors all were of like mind.  The Constructive Eating Plate performed exactly as expected if not better in reference to functionality and purpose.  Even in our in-house testing, the Constructive Eating Plate still made its way to our group of products which made it to the final evaluation phase and passed.

In the final analysis in our evaluation of the Constructive Eating Plate in this category for FUNCTIONALITY & PURPOSE, it scored quite well in all areas. The Constructive Eating Plate comes through in this category with a perfect score of [5] Five Stars.

FUNFACTOR™: Rating Level - [5] an image of 5 gold  stars

FUNFACTOR™ is a term created and used by our publication to identify if a product contrinutes to the creation of smiles and laughter from use of it.  The Constructive Eating Plate was determined to be quite effective in adding to the experience with children so that the end result is plenty of smiles and jovial spirit with children in the home, with day care centers, and with children in SN assistance. There were a number of compliments shared by everyone at the day care centers as well as many if not all of the parents whose kids were able to experience eating with the Constructive Eating Plate at the public Mall.

The Constructive Eating Plate completed the evaluation in this category for FUNFACTOR™ with a perfect score of [5] Stars.

MARKETABILITY: Rating Level - [4] an image of 4 gold  stars

Marketability of a product is a vital part of the equation in the many categories in which a product must pass. The Constructive Eating Plate demonstrates durability well beyond expected, functionality, extensive contribution to skill improvement, and quality. One of the primary keystones which adds great value for marketability to the Constructive Eating Plate is that it contributes so substantially to skill development.

There was one minor point made which cost the Constructive Eating Plate a single digit in this category. Some of the compartments for the food on the plate have an absolute flush edge.  Although the Constructive Eating Plate is dishwasher safe, some mothers have a phobia about food possibly collecting at the flush edge.  The Constructive Eating Plate is easily cleanable yet the potential for some mothers to have discomfort with that one factor is still there.

The Constructive Eating Plate come in with a perfect score of [4] Four Stars in this category for MARKETABILITY.

SKILL IMPROVEMENT: Rating Level - [5] an image of 5 gold  stars

The Constructive Eating Plate made it easy for us to determine its standing in reference to skill improvement. The Constructive Eating Plate has a number of various differences in shape which for sensory development alone is outstanding.  The Constructive Eating Plate in actual use provides the medium for a child to exercise their creative thinking and motor skilkls. Determining accurate scoring in this segment of our evaluation was probably one of the easiest we have had yet to work with.

The Constructive Eating Plate provides a substantial contribution to a stronger development of creative expression, fine motor, sensory, social and cognitive skills and more.  The Constructive Eating Plate pulled a perfect score of [5] Stars in this category for SKILL DEVELOPMENT.

VISUAL APPEAL: Rating Level - [4 / 3] an image of 4 gold  stars | an image of 3 gold  stars

The Constructive Eating Plate was more challenging to score in this category for VISUAL APPEAL.  The challenge here was trying to look at the product as an adult, then how does a child see it?  After working with numerous adults and kids, we finally completed our evaluation and scoring in this category.  The color scheme is bright yet nothing to go WOW! over. The value for the Constructive Eating Plate was more in the functionality, durability, and several other evaluation categories.

With kids, they liked the color of the Constructive Eating Plate yet weren't as one evaluator expressed, "wowed".  With the adults, the majority rated the visual appeal as "average" with nothing spectacular to draw your attention yet pointed out how they still liked the product and would purchase it if they were in the market for it at that moment.

After carefully reviewing all pertinent evaluation data for the Constructive Eating Plate in this evaluation category, a determination was reached that the Constructive Eating Plate passed this category with a score which was well above average a fell short a perfect score by single digit with [4 / 3] Stars in this category for VISUAL APPEAL.

EVALUATION RESULTS - From evaluation for induction into "The Toy Man® News & Reviews"
    Overall Rating:   5
    Seal of Approval:  
    Recommends Award:  
    eco-Recognition™ Seal:  
    Award of Excellence:  
    eChoice™ Award:  
    S. T. E. M. Award:   
    Mom Approved Award:  
    Award of Recognition:™  


"The first and original Seal of Approval®...
designed for product recognition and validation."

Since 1971 The Toy Man® Seal of Approval has served as an emblem of professional recognition for a 
product or service having met the strict evaluation standards of The Toy Man® Product Guide. Since 1971, "The Toy Man® Seal of Approval" has served as an emblem and standard for professional recognition of a product or online service having met the globally recognized evaluation standards of The Toy Man® Product Guide.

This emblem was first established in 1971 by the International Parenting Institute™. It is modeled after the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval®", an emblem of recognition for products which meet the globally recognized high standards set forth by the Good Housekeeping Institute®.


"These are globally recognized awards that are received by a limited few,
yet they provide the well earned recognition well beyond the average that is truly deserved!"

"The Toy Man® Award of Excellence" is awarded to inductees that have an overall Evaluation Category Rating Average, ECRA™, of [5] Stars. That is the highest level of rating available on a 1-5 scale evaluation model. The ECRA is based upon the overall average from all applicable evaluation categories"
PLEASE NOTE: There are a total of 357 evaluation categories with a minimum of 231 being applicable to any one product or online service in our evaluation process with 6 being featured in the Evaluation Report Summary, ERS.

The Toy Man® eChoice™ Award, by Rev. James
G.W. Fisher, (Chief editor and Product Evaluation Specialist of The Toy Man® Product Guide), and staff.  
These products have demonstrated that they possess the potential as well as high probability to be top sellers.
The Toy Man ®An image of the editorsChoice logo Award serves as an emblem of recognition for products & online services that contribute substantially to positive skill growth and/or productivity.

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