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The Toy Man® - News & Reviews 2018
Articles, Editorials and Press Announcements

Article:   [8/26] New Inductees - Induction and ERS Announcement Article Date:   08/26/2011
by:  Emalie Hastings - Press Coordinator
Category:  New Inductees

[8/26] New Inductees - Induction and ERS Announcement
The products and/or online services featured here were submitted for examination, passing our strict evaluation standards to be come a recipient of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval, including pre-production products.

Our evaluation process represents an exclusive, credible, and unbiased method of accurate product recognition by use of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval Validation, and exclusive awards.

Does YOUR product have what it takes to face this challenge? Twitter image to follow The Toy Man.

Introducing This Week's New Inductees


* Additional videos will be added by Monday, including the PROJECT: Education Outreach Disneyland giveaway video.

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This Week's Evaluation Report Summaries, ERS

About Evaluation Report Summaries, ERS - This Week's Listings

Evaluation Report Summaries, otherwise referred to as an ERS, are the very foundation from which The Toy Man Product Guide was created. An ERS is an in-depth, lengthy, and accurate summary of a product or service that passed our strict evaluation process. They are a means to give our new inductees recognition while providing a reliable information source on products that can be found nowhere else. This week we have 1 new Evaluation Report Summaries, ERS, for your enjoyment and enrichment.

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Books, CD's, DVD's Comics and More!

This can include online reading, hybrid education games and DVD's that are also for skill/education development & recreational use.

baby's first stroller book.
baby's first stroller book - Visual illustration for accelerated skill development.

Induction Certificate Number: 74020110721-521
Target Age: Newborn to 2 years +
MSRP: $15.99 USD

This Week's "Pre-Production" Products

Pre-Production Samples

These are the latest products submitted for our constructive feedback which are in final stages of pre-production development. Our readers now have an opportunity to see exciting new developments before they even go into their final run. We invite you to "provide your own feedback" which we will pass onto the product developers of the products.

* Products featured in this section that have passed our evaluation, will have a secondary evaluation when production run is available. Final ratings in each evaluation category will then be recorded and finalized.

No Pre-Production Products Featured This Week

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About Our Evaluation Report Summaries

With the fast paced change in the industry and buying habits today, we have chosen to introduce a new feature for our New Inductees. Due to the ratio of product passing our evaluation in comparison with the large volume of products being submitted each month, new post-induction process feature is needed.

If a product has been inducted, yet the product evaluation summary has not yet been posted, a company now has three options to consider;
  1. Do nothing but relish in the fact of their product(s) having passed our strict evaluation standards.
  2. Activate a license immediately for unlimited use of our Seal of Approval and any of our exclusive awards to which they are entitled.
    The licensing period will not begin officially until the actual product evaluation summary has been posted. Product evaluation summary is published within a maximum of 30 business days or sooner.

    Example: Company A's product is inducted on January 11, yet the product evaluation summary for it is not posted until February 1. Although the company activated their license on January 11, the one year licensing period paid for does not begin until February 1. All time between the Induction Date and the actual Posting Date is free of charge.

  3. Activate license same date as posting of product evaluation summary.
  4. If a product title or certificate number has a green check mark, (ie; An image of a green checkmark for products with an active Toy Man Seal of Approval license.), next to it, this signifies that the product has an active Toy Man Seal of Approval license and product evaluation summary for reading.

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